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​​My name is Craig Barger. I am a candidate for election to the  Easton Board of Selectmen on April 25, 2017.

Over the past year, we have watched the political environment in our town deteriorate. Unfortunately, when I recently Googled Easton, the first articles listed did not present the town in the best light. Our community deserves better. The upcoming election gives us all an opportunity to turn things around.

If elected, I would like to help Easton:

  • Get back to the business of governing our community with respect and professionalism.
  • Restore our reputation as a community that values strong leadership, fiscal responsibility, and excellent town services for all citizens—seniors and veterans, families with school-age children, and everyone in between.
  • Work with fellow board members and the community to select a new town administrator to help move our community forward.
  • Promote targeted economic development to increase revenue and ease taxpayer burdens.
  • Ensure that we are a community that listens to and values all voices.

Successful town government requires strong working relationships, not only within the town but with those who represent Easton in the Massachusetts House and Senate. I have well-established relationships with our two state senators and our primary state representative. I pledge to work vigorously with them to bring home to Easton those programs which fulfill our needs and meet our goals.

I respectfully ask for your vote on April 25th.

For respectful, thoughtful, and forward -thinking leadership in Easton.



Easton Board of Selectmen

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Thank you to everyone that joined me at our meet and greet this week. The response was overwhelming. I am honored to have so much support.